April 5, 2018

Top Films You Shouldn’t Miss

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Kathryn Bigelow broke records by being the first female to win a best director Oscar, for the film ‘The Hurt Locker’. Finally, an outstanding director of the fairer sex was rewarded for her craft by an industry dominated by men. To a large extent, the industry is still stuck in the past. Back then, it represented a political and cinematic milestone; and it remains so today. Although it might appear contradictory that Bigelow received recognition for a film where women did not feature much, she has always had an interest in masculinity — along with its’ enigmas, rituals, discontents and annihilating, staggering capacity for violent behavior. Bigelow reflects on the…

March 5, 2018

Amazing Films You Should Watch

“Timbuktu” is a 2012 horror film that centres on the issue of conflict within Islamic communities. It is based on the story of an unmarried Malian couple who are stoned to death by members of an Islamist group called Ansar Dine. The couple, who had children, are accused by the jihadist group of having extra-marital sex, and the film portrays their tragic persecution and deaths. The film was directed by Sissako, who is also Muslim and was raised in Mali after his birth in Mauritania. Sissako began working on the film a year after the tragic events in an attempt to raise awareness of this atrocity and educate the public…

January 18, 2018

Must Watch – “There Will Be Blood”

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When listing amazing films you should see, “There Will Be Blood” is one. The feature is loosely inspired by “Oil,” a novel by Upton Sinclair with the writing and directing done by Paul Thomas Anderson. The film is a story of Daniel Plainview, an American silver miner who turns to drill oil during the boom in Southern California. After moving to a new town, he gets the locals to allow him to begin drilling for oil. During his quest, he develops a rivalry with Eli Sunday, a preacher. Daniel Day-Lewis plays the ruthless Daniel Plainview while Paul Dano plays Eli Sunday. A Rewatchable Piece According to Manohla Dargis, “There Will…