January 18, 2018

Must Watch – “There Will Be Blood”

When listing amazing films you should see, “There Will Be Blood” is one. The feature is loosely inspired by “Oil,” a novel by Upton Sinclair with the writing and directing done by Paul Thomas Anderson. The film is a story of Daniel Plainview, an American silver miner who turns to drill oil during the boom in Southern California. After moving to a new town, he gets the locals to allow him to begin drilling for oil. During his quest, he develops a rivalry with Eli Sunday, a preacher. Daniel Day-Lewis plays the ruthless Daniel Plainview while Paul Dano plays Eli Sunday.

oil drilling
American silver miner who turns to drill oil during the boom in Southern California.

A Rewatchable Piece

According to Manohla Dargis, “There Will Be Blood” is a masterpiece that chronicles the oil rush of the 20th century with Daniel Day-Lewis displaying an intense performance. The story is of greed, faith, and love as Plainview embarks on his ambitious dream to amass wealth. Dargis likens the opening of the film to 2001’s “A Space Odyssey” and its bloody closing to “Citizen Kane.”

Dargis calls the film “pleasurable and rewatchable,” saying he is fascinated by Anderson’s ability to merge European art film with classic Hollywood cinema. Anderson drew from his experience in the industry to create a spellbinding tale that tells of the hardworking American spirit. It shows the best and worst of people in its 2 ½ hours run.

A.O Scott says the film highlights American capitalism at its best. It is also a story about the growth of California, a display of masculinity in the modern age, and the influence of faith. Scott lauds the first 15 minutes of the film, which set the pace for the whole story without any dialogue. As grand as Mr Anderson’s vision was in this feature, he achieves it by employing precise techniques. His self-confidence as a director oozes from each scene regardless of the liberties he takes with the historical records and literary source. Scott says that when he watches There Will Be Blood, “I find it outruns all my thoughts.”

The director takes the historical records and literary source.